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Your Solution To Being A More Effective Real Estate Sales Professional

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Your Solution To Being A More Effective Real Estate Sales Professional
Posted 09 April 2019

Let's look at the positives. 

We all know real estate transacting is a tougher gig right now and the market has shifted, some regions and locations have been affected greater than others. 

But there will always be properties to sell for a multitude of reasons. 

So in a tougher market how do you and your company stand out and how do you give the best possible value,  be more effective and provide great service to both your vendors and your buyers? 

How can you reduce both your companies and the vendors marketing costs and time on market and for your buyers how can you make the process more transparent and efficient? This should make the CEO happy! 


  • Save everyone's time
  • Reduces everyone's costs 
  • Get More Website Traffic - up to 70%
  • Reduce your companies website bounce rate
  • Get Social media love
  • Get quality backlinks
  • Increased Convenience.


Let's explore how.

Family Room

Save time 

Save time as customers view the property anywhere, anytime on their laptops or smartphones. If they are really interested they will call and ask for more information.  This free's up everyone's time; you as an agent don't waste time on tyre kickers inspections, sellers don't waste time endlessly preparing their home and buyers see properties which truly match their needs.

You save your Vendors time too- no wasted inspections. 

Reduce Costs

Everyone's costs are reduced - no wasted car journeys or phone calls for all.  Virtual Tours enable buyers to really check a property for it suitability to their needs. As an agent you may think you are the only one with costs but think about how much it costs buyers to visit homes and for the vendors to get the house ready for every inspection.


Increase Traffic 

Yes, you do get more website traffic - up to 70%. Property listings with virtual tours receive over 40 percent more clicks compared to those using images. 

Increase SEO

People are spending on average 3.22minutes viewing a property online when looking at a   NextReality Virtual Tour. This time on your own website helps with your sites bounce rate and SEO ranking. Plus the tours are a quality product - which reflects strongly on your brand!

Social Love

If you   have a great Virtual Tour shared and it goes viral on social networks, it reflects well on your websites rankings. More traffic- the higher you appear higher in search results. Search engines use your social media results as a ranking tool. Happy CEO!Pool


When your virtual house tour is shared online, your website receives a backlink. This helps establish your authority online as well as increases your traffic.  Backlinks are positive for your brand awareness, reputation and drive traffic for years to come.

WOW factor

NextReality Virtual Tours are the WOW factor you need in this highly competitive time. They give your service an edge and make your business stand out.  Plus don't you want to be at the cutting edge of positive change.


Positive Vendor Relationships

Making life easier for your vendor; reducing your vendors need to keep the home in pristine condition greatly reduces their stress level. In a tougher market this could be the icing on the cake to enable you to maintain your positive vendor relationships.  

Security Concerns Reduced

Virtual Tours enable you to showcase all the most important elements of the property and they reduce security issues - and they reduce the need for open houses.   They can create a very strong emotional attachment quickly leading to a real-time inspection with a committed keen buyer. 

With a virtual tour, you can show off the property in its very best condition. Moreover, you can highlight its key features to buyers.

Realistic Experience

Virtual tours are like a permanent open house. Potential clients can access the tour 24/7 from their office or while on the road. This technology helps create an instant sense of ownership. Those who take the tour can easily imagine themselves living in that house.



Your only job is to book  NextReality3D to complete the Virtual Tour.

Within 48 hours of the completing the Virtual tour- even less during weekdays you will receive all of the following 

  • Complete Property Virtual Tour
  • All External and internal photos 
  • 360d photos 
  • Floor plans and external site plans
  • A stand alone shareable property website site

All this is provided to you and your vendor on a shareable 

easy to use simple link.

FINALLY, COST -  It's not expensive anymore!

On top of all these other benefits let's add the cost. For the average property, the cost is less than $990. This includes all the above. 

So do you and your customers a favour.  

Book a chat with our team now to discuss how this tech will help you be more efficient and effective.

Or Click here to see more  NextReality3D 




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