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9 Smart Visual Tools You Need To Sell Your Home Quickly.

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9 Smart Visual Tools You Need To Sell Your Home Quickly
Posted 18 June 2019

The results are impressive - you get more people looking at your home and for longer when you use 3D virtual tours and photography!

Getting your property sold as quickly as possible it what we all want- let's explore how Next Address and our powerful technology NextReality3D can help achieve this goal.

What's so impressive about NextReality3D and why should you want to use it? 

You want to 
  • Sell your home with as little stress and as quickly as possible
  • Find serious buyers who are at the right price point
  • Secure the best possible price
  • Experience transparency and control.
So how does NextReality3D marketing help you achieve all this?

3D streamlined real estate marketing.

NextReality3D virtual tours and photography marketing is one of the best property marketing options available anywhere! A big statement but we stand by this completely. Because it is 

  1. Brilliant quality 
  2. More engaging
  3. Incredibly affordable and
  4. Easily uploaded and shareable across all web and social platforms.
We want the same as you do: a streamlined, transparent, stress-free process to sell a property as quickly as possible. So the right marketing is vital. We believe in NextReality3D so much, we have included it in our service and listing fees.

Let's explore how NextReality3D can help you get your property sold.

In one visit, with one camera, we produce your entire property marketing package. The NextReality3D package includes all of the following

  1. 3D virtual property tour 
  2. High resolution still photographs of interior rooms and outside areas. 
  3. Hero and 360d photos
  4. 3D dolls house plan and normal house plan
  5. Property site plan 
  6. Property webpage - shareable
  7. Embed digital measuring tape
  8. Automatically uploaded to Next Address and ready to link to any primary real estate website
  9. Fortnightly Analytic Infomation reports - complete transparency.

Even more impressive is everything listed above is processed and uploaded in less than 72 hours to our website. It is also ready for uploading to all the major real estate portals and for sharing and use on any social profile.

The marketing results are impressive - 87% more views for up to 10 times longer!

So how does 3D marketing tech make a difference when selling?  These stats are quoted from 2018 research posted by realestate360.com (see below)

  • Buyers look at websites with virtual tours for up to 10 times longer than if there were just photos 
  • Properties with 3D Virtual Home Tours get 87% more views than properties with just photos.
  • 54% of buyers feel more comfortable visiting properties after they have viewed a Virtual Tour.

You simply get more people looking at your home and for longer!

Home buyers don't want to waste time. Using a virtual tour as part of your marketing strategy enables potential buyers to feel empowered. When they choose to visit your property, after viewing one,  they are far more informed and in control.  This is a win-win for all. The service will only serve to help you find the right buyer as quickly as possible. 

Finally, NextReality3D is exceptionally affordable and is included in our fee packages. We also offer this to sellers who wish to use a mainstream real estate agency.  It's also invaluable if you have a rental property as it gives you a comprehensive visual record of the home. 

Prices depending on the size of the house and geographic area. Contact us direct for a price. You will be so surprised!

Finally, if your agent isn't offering this service as part of your properties marketing strategy, they are wasting your dollars.   Ask the question, or send us an email, and we can give you a call to discuss.

Contact us direct to get a quote.

NextReality3D Total Package example and  Virtual Tour Only Example

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