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5 simple steps to selling a home online with Next Address

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5 simple steps to selling a home online with Next Address
Posted 05 March 2016

 Step 1 Do your homework

  • Submit your home to  www.homevaluationguide.net.au for a guide to the value or Commission an Independent Property Valuation (both highly recommended). The ANZ bank also provides  a free valuation service. Real estate agents are not qualified to give a formal valuation they can only offer an appraisal based on past sales.

  • You cannot sell a home without the proper legal documents. Arrange the  Vendor Statement/Section 32 in Victoria or the required contracts in other states and territories from your Conveyancer or Legal Representative (Legal Requirement). 

  • Commission an  Independent Building Inspection (highly recommended)  This will show you any major issues you need to rectify to ensure an offer and then a sale of your home proceeds without problems.  If you prefer not to do this, then do a very thorough review of your home, so you are aware of any maintenance issues.  Remember a potential buyer will often request a building inspection during the negotiation phase.

Step 2  Prepare your home

  • Read our blog posts on  property styling,  photography tips, 

  • Read our blog post   how- do-i-show-people-my-home-if-i- dont-use-an-agent.  

  • Declutter: Remove all trinkets, personal belongings and most photos - even in the bathroom. Remember clean and simple lines, allows your property to shine, not you and your family.

  • Destock: Remove all unnecessary furniture, such as toy boxes, extra chairs, extra small tables, etc. Your home will look bigger, and this will help traffic flow for the buyer.

  • Clean and Tidy: Everywhere and everything - people do expect to look in cupboards and storage areas, after all, it may become their home.

Step 3:  Take great photos 

  • Now it time to take all those shots of your home. 

  • You have two choices. You can use a preferred local real estate photographer, or you can use your latest smartphone. Then match this with a new low-cost photography enhancing service, we recommend   www.boxbrownie.com.au.  Their excellent service also offers a 3 D floor plan. For less than $250 you will have your photos enhanced and a 3 D floor plan completed.  High-quality home video services are also available.

  • Once your photos are complete, then log in to your Next Address account and upload.  
Step 4: Complete your Next Address profile 
  • Now  is your chance to tell us about all the wonderful characteristics of your home
  • Add comprehensive property details such as home style, age, flooring, heating/cooling, outdoor areas, play areas, garaging, shedding, garden style, carpeting, window furnishings, solar systems and pet area, etc

  • Add unique characteristics such as garden features disabled access etc

  • A detailed map indicating all local services, schools, public transport routes, parks, etc. will be automatically provided

  • Your property profile will be allocated a code so you will be able to share the full property profile with your networks. 

Step 5 Review 

Have you

  • settled on your sale price?
  • completed the property profile?
  • added fabulous photographs?
  • paid Next Address so your property is live?
  • read all those great blog posts
Next Address will
  • identifies all buyers, whose price, suburb, and their wish list, match your property
  • send any matches directly to your account for your immediate action
  • share only emails until both parties are happy they wish to arrange an inspection 
  • automatically reviews your property for a match every time there is a new buyer

See a sample property profile here.




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