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Do Virtual Tours Attract the Right Leads?

Do Virtual Tours Attract the Right Leads
Posted 15 January 2020

Next Address advocates very strongly the value of Virtual Tours to market our properties. 

Our latest property has only been on the market officially for five days, and we are seeing the power of the Virtual Tour to engage and bring people to Next Address away from the major real estate portals.

The analytic tool provides us with compelling data showing that once an engaged buyer expresses interest, they move from rea and domain onto our platform. Once there, they are spending a lot more time reviewing the property - 11.28 mins on Next Address and 2.20 on REA. Green and white is the engagement on Next Address, Blue is the engagement on REA and Yellow is Domain.  

"11.28 mins on Next Address and 2.20 on REA"

These analytics are readily shareable with your clients too.We can also see from the analytics on the other properties we have for sale, buyers are reviewing our other virtual tours as well.

So why wouldn't you incorporate this into your marketing and offer this to your clients?

creates a virtual tour, provide all the high-resolution photographs, external site and internal floor plans, short videos to use on social all for under $600 (Standard 3 bed).

Here are some of the other statistics which might sway you to use this technology

Why your customers will thank you.

  • 87% more views by potential buyers than properties with just photos
  • Buyers look for 5 to 10 time longer at the property with a virtual tour
  • There is a 130% increased chance the buyer will book an inspection
  • Buyers who inspect are already emotionally connected to the property
  • Virtual tours service remote buyers - international tree and sea changers
  • 2 out of 3 property buyers want virtual tours
  • 83% of all online home buyers want visual marketing
  • 54% of buyers will not view property unless there is a virtual image 

So do yourself and your customers a favour in 2020 and book a chat with NextReality3d on 1800 316611.

Julie O'Donohue 


Next Address and NextReality3d




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