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3 glossy real estate magazines myths!

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3 glossy real estate magazines myths
Posted 06 July 2015

Glossy real estate magazines exposed!

Each week thousands of glossy real estate magazines are printed, but how many of these really attract buyers? In a recently written blog by a well-respected agent in Melbourne on this very issue, only 3 methods of advertising are listed as worth using.

These are:

  1. Online
  2. Print
  3. The agent and their database

Over 90 % of buyers use websites to look for properties.

Print media only has a one week shelf life, if that. So, why would you advertise in a magazine or newsprint?

Agents do not have an extensive buyer database: they do not share your details within an office. So you may miss out on a home, simply because your agent fails to tell you about it. New buyers are constantly joining the market and many younger buyers are very wary of agents.

By using Next Address you are tapping into the web market reaching the right buyers quickly and simply. You are not wasting your well earned dollars on print. It's simple, easy, and saves time and money.

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