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Sell my house for me; consider how very carefully.

Sell my house for me consider how very carefully
Posted 26 March 2018

8 things to think about before you give the keys to an agent


In one hour you will hand over the keys to your home to me. Twice a week, I will bring a group of total strangers into your home. You and I have never met these people and they have had no security checks.

Seems like a silly idea

1. These strangers will wander around your home and garden, open your cupboards and check out your tool shed. Think about it, would you give your doctor, tennis mates or work colleagues your house keys? Probably not. But this is exactly what you are doing when you list your home with any real estate agency. 

They do not screen buyers before inspections. At many open homes, buyers do not pre-register and some buyers provide false phone numbers. Open homes also make it easy for the agent as they only have to come to your home once a week. Seems like a pretty silly idea really.

Significant financial decisions

2. 'Our homes are our castles' and at Next Address, we believe people do not take enough care in choosing who will sell their castle or how it will be sold. But now there are choices with peer to peer platforms and great online systems you can use.

Selling your home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make. Agency commissions and fees range anywhere from 1.75% to 2.75% of the sale price plus the advertising costs. Not only does choosing the wrong agent mean you may not get the right results, choosing an agent is effectively throwing at least $10,000 and up to $30,000 of your hard earned cash down the drain.

Customer service and satisfaction are not the key drivers

3. Most people only sell a home, on average, every 7 years, for some it's even longer. So do your research, think carefully and don't follow the hype. Ever seen a real estate agent's Facebook page? It's full of pictures of winning awards for the number of sales and how much revenue they brought into the office. Customer service and satisfaction are not their key drivers. The industry does not award agents for "I sold all the houses I listed for the prices I correctly listed them for" or for '100% Customer Satisfaction.'

85% use online services

4. Your home advertising campaign will be designed to promote the agency first and your home second. These campaigns are a gross waste of money, as over 85% of buyers find the home they want online. Newspaper ads and magazines are just fillers and coffee table fodder. Don't fall into that trap. You can waste anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the suburb and home. This is your hard earned money.

5. You are the one who will prepare the home for sale. And this is the most time-consuming part. Fixing up the garden, repainting where necessary, styling the home beautifully etc. There are so many great resources out there to help you get this part right. The next step is to get the right price, manage the inspections and enter into the negotiation process. All these tools plus more are part of the Next Address bank of tips ready for you to use when you make the decision to sell your home online.

You are the best person to negotiate the sale

6. Every day of our lives we communicate and negotiate, so why do we think these skills leave us when we are selling our biggest asset? The truth is, they don't. It is also true that many real estate agents do not have much (or any) training in negotiating successfully. This is your home, you know all its features, the changes and upgrades made since you purchased it. You know the answers to all the questions a buyer may ask. So you are the best person to negotiate the sale of your home.

7. Selling your home without a real estate agent puts you in control. You know who is coming, you have their contact details. Next Address has a verification process we suggest you use. The best part is you can follow them up and know if they really are interested. No more hanging around waiting for the agent to ring with feedback.

Be in control of all the information

8. Your home is your castle, you know it the best. You know everything from when the blinds were repaired to how long ago the heater was installed. It is unrealistic to think an agent will remember all these details when their office could be managing 100 plus listings, and yours is just one. You may think you don't have the time. But you have spent the whole morning cleaning the house, tidying the kids' playroom, mowing the lawns, now for 30 minutes you will leave your house for someone else to stand at the door and take names and phone numbers. This agent then locks up your home and heads off to their next open house. You now sit around and wait to know how many people came through and if any were interested. If you were present you would know the answer to this and may even know if there was a keen buyer.

This is your biggest decision

So, think very carefully before you list with an agent. Do your research. Read our blogs. We know this is your biggest decision and we want to help you get it right. 

If you decide to use a service such as Next Address, Australia's first peer to peer real estate platform, as part of your marketing, you will know our buyers are matched to your home. You will be in complete control. 

We have tools and tips to guide and support you as well as a concierge service for those who need more assistance. Take control of the sale of your biggest asset. Next Address we will show you how to sell a house online and save. So don't give the keys away just yet.

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Updated 26/03/2018



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