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Our Payment Advantage

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PAY LATER OPTION- we can cover 'ALL' your selling expenses 

When selling a property we all want our homes to look the best and to get the best possible price. But getting it ready,  the repairs and maintenance and presenting the property in the best possible way, all cost money. Then there are the upfront fees and marketing costs. 

The problem is to get the best sales result, many of these services need to be paid for upfront before the property is sold. 

Now there is another option. 

Whether you need to find the money for advertising, styling, and even cosmetic home improvements Next Address has it covered. 

Our PayLater option is a simple and fast way to help you get your property sold. 

This option can cover all your costs from selling fees, advertising and marketing, repairs and maintenance even home styling.  Payment is then made from the proceeds of the sale. How simple is that!

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