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  • Affordable marketing on all the main portals as well as social media

  • Targeted automated searches 24/7 which identify the best matching buyers for your property

  • Your own management account on Next Address which ensures you are in control of the whole process

  • Paying less than $5000 to sell your home - no commissions 

  • Automated and streamlined notifications so you have full control and transparency.

  • Selling for the price you want and the price the home is worth, without the usual stress

  • A brilliant virtual tour,  extensive photography, floor and external site plans all included in your package 

  • Experienced negotiators, legal experts and property stylists plus more, all on your virtual team

  • Online connections to everything from finance, conveyancing, valuations and insurance advice

  • Access to all the property information, advice and support you need

You use ride-sharing apps, you book holidays direct with homeowners, you find dates online, well now you can buy and sell a property.

At Next Address, we pride ourselves on our advanced technology platform and premium service focus. This results in connecting you to the right real estate buyers and saving your time and money. 

There are seller guides to download, virtual tours to check out, informational blogs and resources, simple videos to view, links to all the relevant information as well as a supportive property community forum.

Our focus is on service and providing you with an affordable fee. This will link your property and you directly to the right buyers and all the mainstream advertising portals at a fraction of the fee charged by an agent.

So stop imagining and join Next Address. We are your professional online property service ready to ensure your selling experience is transparent and affordable.

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