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How to maximise your homes selling appeal?

How to maximise your homes selling appeal
Posted 10 August 2017

Selling your home as soon as possible is a dream come true for numerous eager owners. 

Alas, all too often the opposite occurs, turning the sale of your home into a never-ending stressful experience.  Then, unfortunately, you realise you need to take drastic measures. Like massively dropping your price, throwing more money at advertising, changing agents. To avoid this, pay attention to major selling points. Lowering the price may be required and is one of the obvious tactics, but there are many tools which make the experience smooth. 

Over quoting and under quoting the property value

This can be tricky.  In hot markets like Melbourne and Sydney often houses are under-valued by agents with the reverse occurring in regional areas. The price tag you put on the home might be the most important ingredient of the success recipe. Do a quick online research of the market, and scope out the local competition. You may think its ok for an agent to underquoted as that will bring lots of buyers but it also may not find buyers who are really in your properties price range.  

Think of it like buying a new car or suit

You don't going looking in the prestige section if you only have a mid range budget. Missing out on the buyers in your price range may reduce the amount of interest in your home. So even though you got a higher than expected price, you may have got an even higher price if more buyers in the right price range had seen your home.

Today, buyers are getting more and more tech-savvy and can sniff out unrealistic offers. Setting a realistic price, is the best way to hand over the keys fast. The fair marketplace is influenced by the comparable sales in your area, but if you are not into a numbers game, contract a register property valuer to come up with the most accurate figure. Next Address offers a free property report: request one before you start.

First Appearances, yes they are important

It is the exterior of the home which creates the first impression, and this imprint tends to be a long-lasting one. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for the home street and curb appeal, but let's not stop at that. The time might be of the essence, but you should do the hard work early, maximise the garden landscape, and add splashes of color with potted plants. Also, installing a deck is one of the most cost-effective investments there is. Numerous property hunters look for homes that let them take the inside out, so put some furniture and cozy, homey decoration on the outdoor stage.  There are some terrific online resources such as design guru Naomi Findley. Her videos will get you on the right path.

Bricks and mortar maintanence: It's worth doing

Another ground you should try to win on is the home condition. A well-maintained home where everything runs like clockwork is going to have time as an ally, not a bitter enemy. It is a good idea to let the professional inspect the space and ensure there are no concealed problems. Do not hesitate to invest in repairs and keep the eyes open for any cracks, leaks, scratches, nicks and minor malfunctions. While you are at it, you could also enhance the insulation of the home, and make energy-efficiency one of the center pieces of your selling strategy. 

Let's make this home lanyonee any one can live here.

De-personalising  all your spaces is a good strategy. You want to persuade any possible buyers how it easy it will be for them to infuse their own personality into the home. Pretend that you are moving out, and put your belonging into storage. Keep some striking details, though, and help people visualise themselves living there. It might rip your heart to do it, but leaving some of your personal property could make your home stand out from the rest in the market. For example, features such as plasma screen TV or a stainless steel refrigerator tend to lure money out of people's pockets like nothing else. 

Smart online convenience 

If you have the need for speed, take the process online. It is incredible that nowadays 92% of homebuyers seek property through the internet, and they mostly browse compelling online listings. It is also a good idea to engage in some internet marketing and Facebook your listing. At last, make quality photos of the property, showcase the best bits, and muse on a video tour, or a love letter about your home on YouTube. 

We are passionate about maximising facebook marketing, as we know you can  target all the promotions to get the right people looking at your home at a fraction of the cost you pay on the big real estate portals.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need thousands of buyers looking at your home, most are tyre kickers.   You need buyers who are looking for a home, like yours, in your area and price range.   Check out one of facebook property marketing pages here. 

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Updated 6/10/2016 by Julie O'Donohue  Founder Next Address

Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture and editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and interesting home improvement projects. Lana suggests installing new window blinds  for achieving better and quicker results in home selling.




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