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How to Sell your Property Privately Online

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Let's explore the steps you need to take to sell your own home online with Next Address

At Next Address we know real estate, and understand all the moving pieces involved. That's how we've been able to make a simple, friction-less, and effective platform for you to sell your own property privately without all the usual red tape that usually comes with big real estate agencies. Our aim is to empower buyers and sellers by streamlining the process of selling your own property and allowing you to reap the benefits. Follow the steps below to successfully sell your own home.

How this works - sign up and begin listing with Next Address

Sign up and begin listing with Next Address

Create an account with Next Address.
Enter your basic property information i.e. suburb, location, type of home, materials.
Add property details such as home style, age, flooring, heating/cooling, outdoor areas, play areas, garaging, shedding, garden style, carpeting, window furnishings, pet area, etc.
Choose your listing package and inclusions, and how you'd like to pay.
Add unique characteristics such as garden features, disabled access etc.
Settle on the sale price you want to achieve. Consider commissioning an Independent Property Valuation (highly recommended).
How this works - Prepare your property

Get your property ready to sell

Thoroughly repair, prepare, declutter and tidy your property so it is ready for sale.
All our online packages include high res photography. Once your photograhs are ready we will upload them to your property.
Market your home in the best possible way. We recommend using our proprietary virtual tours. Our "Signature package" includes an innovative 3d virtual tour, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, independent property research report and more.
How this works - Make property listing live

Make your property listing live and receive buyer matches.

Confirm the details of your property, and make the listing live. It is now ready for private sale online. You can check out current properties for sale here.
The Next Address "Smart Match' system starts working immediately sending leads to your Dashboard. Use the Dashboard to see everything that is happening with your property. Support and advice are always available from our team.
Each buyer who matches is sent a link to your property to view and confirm interest. You can see which buyers have confirmed interest, and message any of the buyers who matched through our private messaging area.
Every time a new buyer registers, the website automatically reviews your property for a match. Any new matches are automatically sent to you.
How this works - Communicate and negotiate the sale

Communicate and negotiate the sale

The Dashboard allows you to organise and manage all communications and inspections. You can even receive, manage and negotiate any Offers to Buy.
Buyers can send you a message with questions, or to arrange an inspection.
Have a Section 32 available to send to the buyer.
The negotiations begin and the buyer can submit a formal offer through the dashboard and private messaging area. Use our online help sheets to make the negotiation and sale process easy on both parties.
When both parties are happy with the offer, draw up a Contract of Sale document available to finalise the sale of your property. You've now successfully sold you property online, privately and without an agent.
Your review on Next Address is welcomed. We'd love to hear your story.

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