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Are you thinking about buying or selling property?

We know the idea of buying and selling a property can be daunting. All the inspections, lost Saturdays, open houses, dealing with real estate agents, arranging finance and paying thousands of dollars in commissions can easily put us off. 

  • Buying and selling for the price you want and the price the home is worth, without the usual stress

  • Virtual Tours of properties so neither buyers or sellers waste time

  • Targetted searches which identify the best matching buyers and properties

  • Experienced Negotiators, Legal Experts and Property Stylists on your virtual team

  • Online connections to everything from finance, conveyancing, valuations to insurance advice

  • Complete control over the whole process

  • Access to all the property information, advice and support you need

Well stop imagining and think about using Next Address.

You use ride-sharing apps, you book holidays direct with homeowners, you find dates online, well now you can buy and sell a property. The Next Address service simply and easily connects real estate buyers and sellers directly with each other and provides all the advice and support you need along the way.

There are seller and buyer guides to download, virtual tours to check out, informational blogs and resources, simple videos to view, links to all the relevant information as well as a supportive property community forum.

If you are selling, our low service fee will link you directly to buyers and all the mainstream advertising portals at a fraction of the fee charged by an agent.

If you are buying there is absolutely no charge.

So let's find your first property or get your home sold and find your new one. 

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