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How to sell a house

Are you looking to sell a house?

Here's a little secret... it's easier than you think.

Homeowners, like you, all over the world are getting smarter. You want to maximise your outcomes. You want to sell your house as quickly as possible. You know 90% of people are active and online. And you know online marketing is efficient and affordable. Smart websites are connecting us instantly and now we can link real estate customers to each other.

At Next Address, we have created a system which connects people to property. As well we have embraced social marketing as the way forward for finding the right buyer for your house.

The best part is buyers can still search for your home but our system will also do its job of finding the best buyer matches for your property.

And by using a system like Next Address the advantages are difficult to ignore: Such as
  • Targeted marketing to the right demographic looking for a home like yours
  • Reducing the need for expensive online advertising
  • Reduce or even eliminate agent commissions
  • Save money by not using unnecessary print and advertising campaigns
  • Maintaining total control over selling your house
Check out our blogs. We cover topics from building reports, photography tips through negotiating a sale. Plus you can ask us anything and we will respond honestly and ethically. Just jump on our chat below and ask NED!

Next Address is a very different real estate portal. Through using a smart formula, which is able to match customers; swipe right has just found Real Estate.

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"Let's also be very clear: we are not a real estate agency. The Next Address team know our system
is a better, simpler and more affordable way to find a house to live in!"

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Please note that you are in breach of Privacy Laws and the Terms and Conditions of Usage of our site, if you contact a Next Address seller with the intention to solicit business i.e. You cannot contact any of our advertisers other than with the intention to purchase their property. If you contact an advertiser with any other purposes, you are also in breach of The SPAM and Privacy Act where you are "Soliciting business from online information produced for another intended purpose". If you believe you have a buyer for our seller, we kindly request that you direct your buyer to the www.nextaddress.com.au or refer them through to the Next Address office by calling 035331 4829. Also please note, our sellers are aware that they do not need to, nor should they, sign any real estate agent contracts in the promise that they will be introduced to a buyer.

Deal direct and save with Next Address

At Next Address, you'll find a clever online DIY service for buying and selling a home. We simply connect people to houses. The most innovative 'for sale by owner' website in Australia. We believe in the power of the internet in bringing people together, reducing costs and saving time. Now there's a service which uses these advantages in the real estate sector.

Together, let's sell or lease your house and save you thousands in agent commissions and advertising costs.

Create your account and your property profile today and let's get to work

Julie O'Donohue