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How real estate agents use Next Address?

Are you a real estate agent who recognises an opportunity with Next Address?

Getting your home in front of as many people as possible is your priority.  At Next Address, we know
  • Some Vendors will always prefer to work with a reputable real estate agency.
  • Agents want to sell or lease houses as quickly as possible.
  • We know you want to save your customers money
  • Using our system is simple and smart
  • Saving time and money is important

Our system
is a smarter and affordable way to find a house to live in!

All good real estate agents know that .....
  • 90% of people are active and online.
  • Online marketing can be efficient and affordable.
  • Smart websites are connecting us instantly to all types of services,
  • Being efficient and saving your customers money could increase your market share
  • Existing real estate platforms are expensive
At Next Address, we have created a system which connects people to property.

Let's also be very clear: we are not a real estate agency.
We let you be the agent: we just connect people to right properties.

We also know we are offering you a very different sales tool. The Next Address platform works 24/7. There is no time limit to how long any home can be on the platform. All new buyers are automatically matched with all your listed properties, with contact details forwarded to you. Your next buyer or seller could be anywhere on this planet!

You will still have control of your listings: you are just using a new model to generate the house sale in a more efficient way. Our buyers are qualified, and most have their financed organised.

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  • Once off low service fee for your client
  • 24/7 features
  • Connect instantly with the right buyers
  • Save time and money for both you and your vendor
  • Receive matching buyer email contact details
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