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Looking for a better way of buying or selling a house?

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Looking for a better way of buying or selling a house
Posted 06 February 2016

What if we told you, it doesn't have to be this hard?

Ever felt let down or disheartened while trying to sell or buy property? Too many roadblocks clogging your way? Expensive fees, underquoted sales prices, poor service ...

We could go on ...

Along with our own personal experiences buying and selling, we've spent time on the ground observing the problems homebuyers and sellers face on a regular basis. We're a team of professionals with backgrounds across many industries including marketing, sales, the not for profit sector and real estate. We've listened to your concerns. We understand the industry and its failings - and we think you deserve better. Which is why we've created Next Address.

Our research tells us Australian homebuyers and sellers feel let down

Let's start by addressing your concerns one by one.

From sellers ...

"I want to sell my home, but the fees are ridiculous."

At Next Address, our systems are online keeping our costs low, and as we connect sellers direct with buyers, we take out the need for agents - saving you thousands in commission fees. This method of selling homes is already happening around the globe (Australia is lagging behind).

"But I don't know the first thing about selling houses."

Yes you do. You use these skills every day of your life; ever sold a car? A camper trailer? Negotiated a salary increase at work? Nobody knows your home better than you, so you have all the information at hand to manage a successful sale. All you need is some guidance and we provide the support, tools and information to walk you through the process step by step.

"I'm sick to death of agents telling me my house is worth more than it is so that I'll choose them to represent my sale."

So are we. It's unethical and a waste of your time. And here's the thing: sell your home through Next Address and you get to set the price. What's more, we can direct you to the same tools the agents use to determine the value of your home. No misguided price quotes because you have the control.

"I have no idea what's happening with the sale of my home, my agent barely bothers to return my calls."

It's difficult to believe this happens, but it does - especially in regional parts of Australia. Many of you have told us this is a major concern for you while trying to sell your property. If you register with Next Address, you have the control over communications with interested buyers. You can ask the questions and hear the answers first hand. No third parties. No waiting for agents to return your calls. Just you and the buyer.

From buyers ...

"I've been trying to buy for months now, but properties always seem to go for tens of thousands over the advertised price range."

Unfortunately, auctions are designed for the seller - not the buyer. While sometimes competitive markets can drive prices above expectations, some real estate agents are guilty of using a nasty little tactic called underquoting. This happens when an agent advertises a property for less than the vendor's asking or reserve price. And yes, in case you're wondering, it's illegal.

At Next Address, we connect buyers with the sellers. No games, nasty little sales tricks or crowds of competing buyers. Just sellers and buyers brought together to work out a suitable outcome for both parties.

"I'm fed up with real estate agents trying to sell me homes that are nothing like what I asked for."

When you register with Next Address, we carefully match you to the properties that meet the features you've provided in your profile. It's important to us that we get this right and that the properties we send you tick as many of the boxes as possible.

"I work full-time, have a family - I haven't the time to scroll through endless property listings."

Our goal is to match you with the right property as quickly as possible. No searching endless property listings. No bombarding you with emails about properties that don't suit your needs. We tailor pick the properties that meet the requirements in your profile saving you time and hassle.

The real estate industry in Australia needs to change.

Real estate is an evolving industry. The process of buying and selling homes in Australia needs improving. We're here to offer you an alternative choice that's fairer, easier and cheaper.

Next Address is giving the control back to you. So, why not see for yourselves and sign up today?




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