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How to turn buying and selling a house on its head!

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How to turn buying and selling a house on its head
Posted 22 December 2017

What do you need to turn a concept upside and on its head- a revolt into a wonderful new system?

An algorithm of course!

But what the heck is it? According to the all powerful Oz -a.k.a Wikipedia -in mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems. Algorithms can perform a calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning tasks. It can make quantum leaps into other dimensional spaces and summon genies from bottles of dynamic technology. Rumours have it that it can turn on a waterfront Christmas tree and complete complex traffic light settings on a Portarlington Highway. Ok, no, so seriously - what is this elusive equational device?

An algorithm is a pattern of steps we follow to accomplish something. For example, if I were to explain to you how to sell a house online, without using an agent, the algorithm would look something like this:

Step 1: Sign up to Next Address

Step 2: Create your online profile

Step 3: Take pictures of your home

Step 4: Choose your method of payment

And so on...

The difference with computer code algorithms - besides the fact they're not written in English - is they need far more rigorous instructions than the ones above because computers don't tolerate vagueness. One incorrect character and the algorithm will fail to perform. The outcome? Computer Says No.  

We knew we wanted to tip the Real Estate world upside down and give back to the community and we knew we were onto something innovative and disruptive- but we needed the perfect matching algorithms to do the job. It needed to be faster than the speed of light, and a locomotive and an ideal matching system was the answer. A Perfect Match that had to surpass the Greg-Evans/Dexter combo. Greg Evans and Dexter were the masters of the TV game show version of Tinder in the eighties. No flicking left or right but very entertaining. There was a lot of big hair too. 

What we came up with was fancier than a filly at a Polo match and the results have blown people away.

Creating an algorithm that could match buyers and sellers to the level of accuracy we needed was no easy task. The idea behind the algorithm was not to waste people's time with more of what they already have. There was some determined effort involved! 

How so? One must muster all the brain strength and noggin stretching possible. Once created, you sprinkle those perfected algorithms onto your idea like hundreds and thousands at a birthday party, making the best mathematical fairy bread you've ever eaten. Wands were tapped, and sorting hats were given. The outcome? Magical.

A glistening real estate platform has emerged that can filter out properties beyond the basics such as location and number of bedrooms. Matching buyers with properties that tick all of the boxes right down to the nitty-gritty - and give them direct access to the seller. Minimising the use of estate agents and expensive marketing and maximising technology. Romance for Real Estate without the bad hairdos and profile pics. Buyers tell us what type of property they want and we match them with sellers of properties that meet their requirements.

The Next Address algorithm took two years to develop, test and refine until it could achieve the scalability we needed to meet buyers' and sellers' needs.  The noggins got stretched, and the magic happened.

What does this algorithm mean for buyers?

If you're looking to buy a home, you can filter out suitable properties based on features, price and local amenities as well as real-time data like traffic conditions. You receive a percentage match so you can see how closely a property meets your needs. If you're interested, you can make a connection directly with the seller.

What we're offering is greater flexibility and convenience than traditional real estate methods. Buyers have told us house-hunting can be a hard slog of wasted weekends, searching websites, chasing agents for information, being swamped by email alerts and inspecting properties, which don't always meet their needs or price range.

Thanks to our algorithm, we can match buyers with suitable properties from the comfort of their own home - and gives them direct access to the seller.

What does the algorithm mean for sellers?

If you're selling your home, you can sell on your own terms avoiding expensive advertising and agent commission fees. Sometimes, you need to sell quickly. Or, weekend viewings aren't convenient. Next Address hands the control back to you so you can arrange things to suit your schedule. And we don't waste your time. The algorithm enables you to connect with highly targeted buyers looking for the type of property you're selling.

90% of buyers look for houses online, yet we're all too quick to employ the services of agents committed to offline sales methods - and charging the earth and moon for them!

So you don't need to be Stephen Hawking, and there are no dimensional leaps required. Just a group of super clever and very nice humans who have created something profoundly awesome to share with you that will make your wallet smile. (See we told you there was some magic involved)

Interested to find out more? Visit  Next Address, and we'll walk you through the process. It's simple, fast and far cheaper than traditional methods of selling real estate!




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