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How could a real estate 'airbnb or tinder' change how we buy and sell a house?

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How could a real estate airbnb or tinder change how we buy and sell a house
Posted 27 December 2016

The idea of 'Uber' for real estate has been around for awhile, lets explore what it could mean for real estate customers.  

In 2016 there has been much discussion on many media outlets and sources regarding how real estate agents and their systems needs to change.  We need to see buying and selling real estate options which respond to the way we can buy and sell, search and find anything we need online. These articles have featured on real estate and property portals, mainstream media and even radio talk back. Here at Next Address, we have watched those stories with interest.   

We are excited to see this development and know we are part of the change. Based in regional Victoria, we are a group of savvy women and one fabulous young man who are all passionate about creating a very different real estate model that empowers all users, saves time and saves money. 

We all use ride/taxi sharing apps; we book holidays direct with homeowners, many find dates online, and now there's a way to buy or sell homes. The Next Address service connects real estate buyers and sellers.  No third parties involved! 

Here's our little secret. It's is easier than you think to create an alternative for everyone to use.

Our platform, isn't too complicated, it just reviews and matches the data of buyers against the profiles of houses and sends you ones that match you.  Just 'swipe right' has now come to real estate! We have created a service which directly connects buyers to sellers. And by dealing direct, you save!  

For too long real estate buyers have been frustrated by the current online real estate portals which often send leads which don't match the price range or requirements indicated. With the Next Address system, it gives the buyer and seller a percentage rating. So you know exactly how well a house suits your needs or how well a buyer matches your home.

 At Next Address, you'll find an innovative, low cost, highly effective method for selling a house and finding buyers and for buyers to find the right home. The system is also set up for renters and landlords. We all know the power of the Internet in bringing people together, reducing costs and saving time. This service has taken these advantages and applied them to the real estate sector.

 'power of the Internet in bringing people together.'

So now the opportunity to bypass the agent and sell and buy homes online has been made even simpler. It's easier than you think - and the advantages are difficult to ignore. Homeowners and buyers all over the world want and will have complete control over the whole process. 

Sellers will
  • reduce the amount  paid in agent commissions
  • save money by not using unnecessary print and advertising campaigns
  • maintain control over the selling process
  • save time by having the right buyers interested in your home
Buyers will
  • not have to deal with loads of different agents
  • save time by reducing the amount of unnecesary open houses visited
  • have more information at their fingertips and
  • control over the buying process.
All you need is the right and correct information as well as some guidance - that's where we come in. We have everything set up to steer you through the process starting with our step-by-step buyers and sellers guides. These guides are comprehensive, easy to read and free.

So is this your story or a story you wish to avoid?

So you have heard loads of horror stories from family, friends and workmates. And now you are thinking about selling or buying a house. The idea is daunting. Finding the right agent, the money you have to part with, all the inspections, lost Saturdays, open houses, dealing with real estate agents and paying thousands of $$$ in commissions?   

If you are buying a home, having to deal with all the different agents, going to open homes and finding the home is not at all what the agent description said it was. All very frustrating and time wasting experiences. A recent report exposed the additional costs, of up to $15,00), for an average buyer, in lost time and resources when looking for a home.  From petrol and food costs to hour's spent inspecting and reviewing. 

And we know exactly how you feel. From my personal and professional experience, we can share some real estate stories and experiences which would make your toes curl!  Our founder sold real estate for two years, and many in our team have bought and sold sometimes due to personal situations. 

Here's our kicker!  Imagine buying or selling for the price you want and reflecting the value of the home, without using an agent or using an agent who didn't charge you hefty commissions. Imagine maximising lower cost targetted facebook marketing and avoid paying for expensive, ineffective mainstream advertising. Imagine being able to target your home searches to your needs and having complete control over the whole process.

'Join the growing group of buyers and sellers 

using Next Address.'

Next Address is a full-service solution for buying or selling your home yourself. We've developed comprehensive seller and buyer guides for you to download.  These include informative blogs and resources to guide your every step, videos, links to all the relevant information as well as an online help service.  Access to industry professionals should you wish to get some support process is also included.  

At Next Address, we know there are some great agents out there.  Our team includes agents who understand our model and are not threatened by the change it will bring.  

'resources to guide your every step.'

If you are selling, our system will link you directly to motivated buyers, utilising Facebook to maximise results. If you are buying, there is absolutely no charge to sign up and let our property matchmakers find you the properties that best suit your needs. It is like online dating, but it's for real estate. So let's get your home sold and let's find your perfect new one.

Jump on our chat line to know more and check out our blogs.

Reviewed  27/12/2016.
Julie O'Donohue

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