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Posted 19 April 2020

"Bringing transparency, affordability, technology and automation to the property sector is my passion."

Julie O'Donohue Founder and CEO of Next Address is re-imagining real estate with her online platform that matches and connects property buyers and sellers.

With an eclectic background in marketing, not for profit and a stint as a real estate agent, Julie's focus is to maximise smart prop-tech tools, streamline processes and reduce the transactional costs for all.

1. Socially conscious brands are making a difference

How is Next Address building a trusted brand in a competitive market?

Transparency and authentic behaviour in all we do and building a network of trusted partners are essential to our brand development. We have also created the Next Address Community where anyone, anytime can ask a property question and receive a qualified professional response. Knowing you have a place to come where you can freely access quality information is vital to building a trusted brand.

I have worked in the not for profit sector for many years and being able to give back drives much of what I do therefore a % of our profits will be directed towards social enterprises each year.

2. Millennials' expectations are related to information and communication

How does Next Address meet the real estate experience of Millenials?

Millennials have grown up with technology and social media which has enabled them to research everything in their own time and own way. They don't like being sold too. They want accurate, timely information and to experience control.

Next Address support this aspiration by providing an automated system to review properties properly before committing to inspections. Everything from the highest quality virtual tools, floor and site plan to the legal elements such as Contracts of Sale. Also part of our tool kit is a Professional Property Research Report from a Valuation company. Couple this with a Community Forum, where you can freely ask questions, ensures they have all the information they need at their fingertips.

3. Next Address's technology brings cost efficiencies and transparency

How does this work?

Using other online platforms and my previous experience in marketing made me realise that the property industry was in need of a smarter platform, based on direct communication and the sharing economies, like ridesharing and accommodation services. I thought why couldn't we apply this to the real estate industry in Australia?

Next Address has embedded technologies, systems and automation to streamline all the processes for all parties. Essentially our tech matches then connect buyers and sellers. Dare I say it " Next Address is bumble for real estate"

Everyone has their own profile dashboard to manage the property they are selling or the ones they are interested in. But what is also vital is the human connection. We have a services team to offer everything from over the phone and email advice to actual personal property advocates.

Sellers properties are marketed on all real estate portals and include 3D virtual tours, photography and marketing. Sellers choose their level of support which includes advocacy, inspections, sales and negotiations.

4. Adopting technology to bring about change

How does Australia compare to other countries?

Australians have been late to the prop-tech party. In France, Canada, New Zealand and the USA between 20 to 40 % pf people use similar platforms. In Australia, it is only three per cent. But what we do know about Australians is we are slow to embrace changes but once we do we move and respond quickly.

Next Address will be part of this positive change for consumers re-imagining and redefining how we do property in Australia.





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