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Our gaol is to make the process of buying and selling a house easier and to save you time and money.  By directly connecting buyers and sellers we are streamlining and simplifying the process. Our goal is to reduce the overall cost and the time it takes to sell a home.

We are building alliances with like-minded companies who reflect our goals and aspirations. Our values are integrity, transparency, social justice and customer service. 

Our focus is to provide you with all the necessary information, links, and resources to better manage the buying and selling of any property yourself or with the help of a third party.  Next Address: simply a better way.

Are we are real estate agency?

No and we will gladly work alongside real estate agents who share our values and goals.  We know some people will want and need to work with an agent.  


Please note that you are in breach of Privacy Laws and the Terms and Conditions of Usage of our site, if you contact a Next Address seller with the intention to solicit business i.e. You cannot contact any of our advertisers other than with the intention to purchase their property. If you contact an advertiser with any other purposes, you are also in breach of The SPAM and Privacy Act where you are "Soliciting business from online information produced for another intended purpose". If you believe you have a buyer for our seller, we kindly request that you direct your buyer to the www.nextaddress.com.au or refer them through  by calling 035331 4829.  Also please note, our sellers are aware that they do not need to, nor should they, sign any real estate agent contracts in the promise that they will be introduced to a buyer. (Terms & Condition).

Is it possible to have an awesome property experience

Is it possible to have an awesome property experience?

Posted 21 January 2019

We believe it is and this is how.

It was August 2014, a Friday, just before dusk and as usual, I was walking my dog, Tilly. I was reflecting on a friend's recent real estate experience as well as my own: it wasn't a really good scenario; poor service, minimal communication, and high costs. The agent I had just bought a unit from had undersold the property to get a quick sale. My friend's property had finally sold after six months as it had been over-valued by $60K. Such different results but distressing for those involved.

The Idea

Why was it like this? How should and could the real estate industry be and look? How can you provide a smarter and better real estate experience for people? A little idea popped into my head: flip the model; focus on directly linking customers: the buyers and the sellers. Remove the commission structure; focus on service delivery and on great PropTech solutions. The idea grew. I knew it could save people loads of money.  It had to be completely customer service driven and maximise the wonderful power of social media and the internet's sharing economy opportunities.  

I had also just completed a pro bono marketing day with a cancer hospital and wellness centre. We had spent a day workshopping how to create a funding idea in what is a very crowded market.  A tough gig.  I asked myself, how could the two ideas be combined? Create and build a better real estate experience centred around the principle of integrity and transparency and also raise money for a multitude of institutions in desperate need of funds.  

I also need to let you know that in a previous life, 10 years ago, I was a real estate sales agent. I know how this sector operates and I left because of my experiences.

So, remember I was out walking so, on arriving back home, I announced to anyone who wanted to listen (just the dog listened) that I thought I had come up with a pretty good idea. What if there was a website focused on real estate buyers and sellers being connected directly to each other. After all, without the buyers, there are no sales. What if it was like the ride-sharing, dating or direct holiday booking website: dealing directly with each other. By the end of the evening, I had registered the name the domain Next Address and so the journey began. 

Ethics and honesty

I was very excited about the potential of Next Address, and I still am! (I'm known for getting a bit over excited). Next Address puts you in complete control. You will save money.  You will both have more knowledge and power over the whole process. We are focused on sharing with you all the tips and tactics of the real estate world. We are focussed on technology such as AI, Voice activation, 3D virtual tours and chatbots to streamline the processes. 

This is a smarter and better way to buy and sell real estate. Our blogs cover topics from saving through to extensive negotiating tips. Ask us anything and we will respond honestly and ethically.

When I think about it, Next Address as an idea was ten years in the making.  Having worked in communications and event management, the real estate industry and after some of my own personal property experiences, I knew there had to be a smarter, better way to buy and sell.  Along with social media, great website design and code have allowed my idea of a sharing economy, peer to peer real estate model to take flight.  

Sharing Economies

As you well know these sharing economy ideas are changing the world and how we do business. Also known as P2P, person to person or peer to peer, these 'apps' and websites give you more control over your purchases, your money, and your choices. We share our houses and cars through these great website services now we can effectively buy and sell our properties.  All with the right support and complete transparency.   

We are on a mission to offer you a better, smarter real estate experience.

I have gathered a tribe of equally passionate people to be part of Next Address.  Together, we all share the same desires to create a smarter, better real estate experience. We are a start-up, we all work remotely, We use tools such as Missinglettr', Zoom, Slack and 'Trello' to plan and share our work. 

We have a big goal, we are motivated to create positive change for our community.  Join our journey as we reinvent and reimagine how property is bought and sold in Australia forever.  

Julie O'Donohue

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