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Selling home  Use a virtual tour

Selling home - Use a virtual tour.

Posted 26 July 2021

Is this you? 

  • to sell as quickly as possible
  • for the best possible price 
  • without spending a fortune in advertising, marketing and commission. 

Then there are three actions you need to take.

  1. Style your home 
  2. Choose how and with who you sell carefully and finally
  3. Use a 3D virtual tour as part of your marketing strategy.

In this article, we explore why we love and use 3D virtual tours.

Virtual tours are transforming how we sell a property. 

We know most home buyers are online searching and exploring properties. So give them an easy way to really check out your home and see if it is the one for them.

Virtual tours are a home inspection solution in our Covid world. They are the perfect way to show buyers around a property from the comfort of their own home. 

Here are six reasons why you need to add a 3D Virtual Tour to your marketing 

  1. A virtual tour is essentially a first inspection. 
  2. Realistic experience and more detail
  3. Virtual tours save everyone time and money.
  4. Anytime Anywhere 24/7
  5. Easy to use, and buyers can walk through at their own pace
  6. Professionally presented homes sell quicker. 

1) A virtual tour is a first inspection - essentially finding the serious buyers

We see our online virtual tours as the buyers 'first' inspection. This entire process helps to eliminate buyers who are just browsing from those Ready-to-Purchase. A virtual tour will weed out time-wasters.

When buyers make contact after seeing the virtual tour, they are seriously interested in buying the house. They are familiar with the property, they have taken the time to have a good look around, they are genuinely interested

So you already have a higher chance of making the sale.

The focus isn't to eliminate in-person viewings. Instead, a virtual tour helps the buyer create an emotional connection with the property - they can picture themselves living in the space, plan where they will put their furniture and how it would feel to call that house home. 

We want buyers who have pre-qualified themselves as interested and are one step closer to signing on the dotted line.

'buyers can pre-qualified themselves'

2) Virtual tours create an honest and realistic experience for the buyers

A virtual tour gives buyers a realistic experience of your property. Buyers can move around and walk through each space, looking at each room from every angle as if they were there in person.

Written property descriptions are often heavily detailed. But this written information doesn't help the buyer to create a full visual picture. Often, potential buyers can't do this until they see the property 'in the flesh'. And it can be a disappointing experience. 

With a 3D virtual tour, they can visualise and see the floor plan and layout of the property. So again, it is about the accuracy of information but also helping the buyer to connect with the property too.

3D virtual tours also capture the outside of a property, from the views to the balcony, porch and gardens

3) Virtual tours save everyone time and money

For both buyers and sellers, time equates to money. And there is nothing more demoralising and costly than spending valuable time preparing your home for sale and having loads of inspections and no offers. 

Likewise, there is nothing more demoralising and costly for buyers than spending valuable time checking out properties where poor or misleading photography has been used. 

We are all guilting checking out homes we have no interest in buying, wasting the agents and the owners time. This is why virtual tours are highly valuable. 

'They "weed out" disinterested parties and the sticky nose neighbours.'

Serious buyers can discount a property for consideration before booking a physical viewing,  saving everyone's time. 

In essence, buyers can use the virtual tour tool to limit the time spent travelling and viewing properties by looking at properties in-depth and in the comfort of their current home.

4) Anytime Anywhere 24/7

3D virtual tours allow buyers from anywhere to 'visit' homes anytime, day or night, from the comfort, and privacy, of their own home. Not only to long-distance buyers but also for buyers who have disabilities or mobility issues. Virtual tours work more productively for all.

For all of us in these challenging times to see, evaluate, compare and consider a home from the safety and comfort of our own home is powerful. We can easily evaluate our interests and decide on our next steps.

5) Easy to use and allows buyers to walk through at their own pace

There is nothing more enticing than an engaging 3D virtual tour.  Buyers can take their time and walk through your property at their own pace.  The longer they spend viewing your home, the more emotionally connected they become and more likely to make time to inspect personally. 

3D virtual tours such as the one Next Address uses is very easy to use and navigate. Buyers can access the tour on a desktop or mobile device and control the pace and direction of the tour every step of the way.

'easily, backtrack or linger at their discretion.'

Unlike a video, a virtual tour allows the viewer to access any room at any time easily, backtrack or linger at their discretion. 

They can spend time 'walking' through the property as many times as they like. And they can look where they want to look, linger on aspects they want to linger on. 

The tour can also include local parks or features to highlight your neighbourhood charm.

6) Professionally presented homes sell quicker 

At Next Address, we know virtual tours are cost-effective, and the production process is straightforward. With that being said, there are lots of tips and tricks that will help ensure your virtual tour is a standout.  Presenting and styling your home to maximise your home virtual tour is vital.

At Next Address, we use the best available camera and technology to give your potential buyers a great 'walk-through' experience. 

We work with you to ensure your home is presented and styled so your home looks the best it can while ensuring accuracy.


A virtual tour, when used effectively, can go a long way toward showing the true nature, unique features and interesting aspects of your property to buyers.

Buyers want accurate descriptions and photos, add in 3D virtual property tours and you will be giving any potential buyer the best experience of your property. 

Written by Next Address

At Next Address, we give you the best available 3D visual marketing, so you sell quicker and for the best possible price.

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