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Please explain what a Contract of Sale is

Please explain what a Contract of Sale is?

Posted 26 November 2015
What is a Contract of Sale? To complete the sale of a property you need several legal documents. These form part of what is called "conveyancing". One of the more important documents is the Contract ...
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Offer to Purchase Document

Offer to Purchase Document

Posted 25 November 2015
Offer to Purchase Property Address ...................................................................................................... Dear Seller/Vendor ....
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Next Address Julie ODonohue and Tilly

Next Address, Julie O'Donohue and Tilly

Posted 13 November 2015
It was a cold 2014 August night and as usual I was walking my dog, Tilly. I was reflecting on a friend's recent real estate experience: it wasn't a really good scenario - poor service, minimal communi...
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Video lets share 6 billion dollars

Video: let's share 6 billion dollars.

Posted 13 November 2015
 The real estate sector in Australia is worth 6 BILLION dollars a year.  We believe that within this sector we can create a very different real estate model with a focus on cu...
Its online dating but for Real Estate

It's online dating but for Real Estate.

Posted 03 November 2015
Mobile technology is transforming the way we date, holiday, travel and now buy real estate. In the last eight years, Airbnb, Uber and Tinder have made it easier than ever to date, travel and book...
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How to avoid open house fatigue and still buy a house

How to avoid open house fatigue and still buy a house?

Posted 16 September 2015
It's like a first date! Let's not expect you are going to fall instantly in love You have you been house hunting for a while and starting to show signs of open home fatigue? &n...
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Where to start when buying your first home

Where to start when buying your first home?

Posted 10 September 2015
Get a dog is what I suggest! Recently I decided to buy a house. A big decision, but once made, I didn't know where to start. So I thought I would start by just checking out the areas I liked....
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3 glossy real estate magazines myths

3 glossy real estate magazines myths!

Posted 06 July 2015
Glossy real estate magazines exposed! Each week thousands of glossy real estate magazines are printed, but how many of these really attract buyers? In a recently written blog by a well-respected ...
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