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5 reasons why you can and should sell your own home

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5 reasons why you can and should sell your own home
Posted 28 February 2020
Now is a perfect time to explore how to sell your own home privately in Australia. 

Australians have been slow to embrace the idea to sell their own home privately compared to many overseas. In France, over 30% of homeowners sell their own home, and there are similar numbers in Canada and New Zealand.  Even the Spanish and American homeowners know and appreciate the benefits.

There doesn't seem to be one main reason Australians have been slow to embrace selling a home privately, but we see an increased interest in the idea. 

At Next Address, six weeks ago, when we updated this article, we believe there are three primary motivators for homeowners to break the mould and sell their own home. Now there are four.

  • The first is to save money.
  • The second is to have control over the entire process. 
  • The third is the rise in ingenious technologies which make the whole process much more manageable and the 
Fourth is safety. In these very challenging time, if you are selling your home, you can minimise the inspections by using a Virtual tour.  We will explore those later in the article.

And finally selling your own home doesn't mean you are on your own.  

Here are some compelling reasons why you can and should sell your own home:

1. Technology advances mean cost reductions

NextAddress uses a unique Virtual Tours and Virtual Marketing system 'NextReality3d' to promote our properties.

This tech provides us with all you need to get your home online. 360d and high-resolution photos, floor and site-plans, highlight short videos and 'gifs' all ready for use on websites and across all the social platforms.

The NextAddress platform compliments NextReality3d by automating all the other processes. From ordering photos and signboards to using brilliant virtual marketing to create virtual tours and floor plans.  All these advances are significantly lowering the cost of selling your own home. 

2. You can do the research - it's not hard!

It is a natural process to find out how the local market is performing in your area. There are free online property price research tools, as well as many companies offering free reports. You don't have to rely on estate agents, giving you their opinion. The mainstream real estate marketing portals provide a sound starting point for your research as well. 

It is also important to remember that over 65% of us move less than 5 km from our current address. So do your research on what is selling locally, and you will have a solid understanding of your own home.

2. Your knowledge is king!

Another reason you should consider selling your own home is you know your suburb inside out. From where the best cafes are located, the best local parks and schools, to the neighbourhood events. You are the one who is most equipped to educate your potential buyers on the lifestyle of the suburb.

You are the one who truly knows your home. Not just the practicalities of how much storage there is or how good the water pressure is in the shower, but the little things that create the moments and emotional attachments that we make and cherish when we create a home.

And while knowing the practicalities are very important to your potential buyers, really giving them a feeling of what it's like to live in a home is what will get them over the line.

3. You control the process - the choices are your

Selling your own home means you experience a higher level of control over the process. You can influence the photographs used, the description of your home for the marketing and even the way the inspections are conducted. You can have as little or as much input and control over the whole process as you want.  

Presenting your home online for sale is entirely in your control. From the words you use, and the picture you want to paint of your home for potential buyers is at your fingertips!

You can open your home yourself and greet potential buyers, or you can engage a facilitator who will take on the meet and greet for open homes, and the negotiation process for possible offers and contracts.

Services like Next Address provide sellers with a range of choices from complete DIY to choosing the services you need. You decide what level of support you need. From managing open house events through to arranging the property styling- it's all about choice.

5. You save time and money

Selling your home yourself will save you many thousands of dollars in commissions. The average commission charged by real estate agents ranges from 2.5% for a lower-priced home to 1.75 % for a higher-priced home. This actual cost can be anywhere from $15,000 to up to $80,000r more.   That's a considerable amount of money which can now be added to your bank account.  

A recent Next Address seller believes she saved over $40,000 when she sold using the platform


Watch the interview with Kaitlyn here. 

Finally Control and Choice Are Yours 

Over the past ten years, we have seen a massive change in the range of our personal choices and options from how we commute home at night, to the dating and accommodation apps we use. The sell my home privately idea is taking shape here in Australia, and we will all see and reap the benefits

We now have a choice about how we sell our own home. Embracing the new online property marketplaces will see you relish the opportunity to enjoy control, use smart technology and save you and your family a lot of money in the process.

Julie O'Donohue

Rewritten 28.2.20




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