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How to avoid cocky real estate agents?

How to avoid cocky real estate agents
Posted 23 January 2020

Tired of the stories surrounding the real estate profession, there is an alternative. 

It's not a DIY real estate platform, this one directly connects buyers and sellers and uses virtual tours as a marketing tool.  It's Australia's first customer to customer platform.   It works just like car sales but for real estate.  It is efficient, low cost, easy to use and gives you complete control over the process.

Using Next Address will leave you somewhere from $10,000 and up to $45,000 better off.  This is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make. This is one of the biggest moves you will make. Our passion is to help you get it right and provide you with all the tools you need to have a positive outcome.

And don't be scared off that you won't get the best price.  That's simply not the case.

At Next Address, we have many great resources and our professional network to 

  1. ensure you prepare and present your home in the best possible way, 
  2. get the right price, 
  3. help you manage the inspections and 
  4. guide you through the negotiation and sale process. 

All these tools plus more are part of the Next Address bank of tips ready for you to use when you make the decision to sell your own home. 

Most people only sell a home on average every 7 years, for some its even longer. So do your research. Don't just accept the norm.

This is your home, you know all its features, the changes and upgrades made since you purchased it. You know the answers to all the questions a buyer may ask. So you are the best person to negotiate the sale of your home. Every day of our lives we communicate and negotiate, so why do we think these skills leave us when we are selling our biggest asset.  The truth is they don't and it is also true that most real estate agents do not have any training in negotiating successfully.  

Selling your home without an agent puts you in control. You know who is coming, you have their contact details. The best part is you can follow them up and know if they really are interested. No more hanging around waiting for the agent to ring with feedback.

By using Next Address as part of your marketing you know our buyers are matched to your home.  We have tools and tips to guide and support you.  Take control of the sale of your biggest asset.  Don't give the keys away.




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